Zeolite - 5 lb bag Natural Organic Zeolite Clinoptilolite - 97% Pure

All organic zeolite, mined in the USA, is truly an amazing mineral. It's uses are so broad, wide and impressive we have several blog posts to fill you in! Zeolite uses include everything from effectiving gardening and soil treatment, to oil spill removal, animal husbandry and even helping your hens lay more eggs! 

Zeolite Major Benefits
• 100% natural and organic
• Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
• Increases moisture retention and removes toxins from soil
• Increases germination rate & aeration in soil
• Increase growth rate of grains, grasses and plants
• Retains 50% of its weight in water and nutrients
• Contributes essential plant nutrients such as nitrate, phosphate and potassium.
• Safe for humans and animals
• Multiple uses in animal husbandry
• Effective for heavy metal detox
• Great for aquariums and fish tanks
• Odor Control for barns, stables, even household odors
• Traction control - most friendly to environments
• More durable, lightweight and inexpensive concrete
• Mined in the USA


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So Many Zeolite Applications

Gardening / Soil Treatment.  The multiple uses and effectiveness of natural zeolite is astounding. All natural, organic Clinoptilolite Zeolite will produce amazing results and is ideal for all gardening, garden soil amendments, soil treatments, composting, golf courses, hydroponics, indoor gardening, and herb gardens.

Animal Husbandry. Zeolite provides major benefits in animal husbandry, such as aiding the digestive tracts of animals and improves feed conversion rates. Even increases the egg laying capacity and hardness of shells for laying hens.

Aquariums and Fish Supplies. Also extremely effective in aquariums, aquaculture, absorbs ammonia, stabilizes pH levels, prevents algae growth, improves water clarity, and prevents new tank syndrome. Only useful in freshwater aquariums. 

Odor Control. Provides amazing odor control as it does not mask odors – it traps and removes them. Useful in barns, stalls or animal litter, Zeolite absorbs moisture from animal waste and traps ammonium before it has an opportunity to vaporize. Also effective for removing household odors by absorbing pet, smoke, shoe, compost and foot odors. 

Traction Control. Zeolite provides the most environmentally friendly material on the market for traction control on roads, sidewalks or walking paths.

Construction. It is extremely effective in the construction industry for the creation of lightweight concrete. Lower in cost than other pozzolans including silica fume. Increases the compressive strength and durablitiy of concrete.

Zeolite functions as a molecular sieve which adsorbs, absorbs, binds and immobilizes solid particles, liquids and gases in a honeycomb structure. Zeolite prevents the release of toxins into the delicate ecosystem. 

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