Coldstream Outdoor is dedicated to providing unique, high quality products to help keep our customers safer and healthier in everyday life, as well as in emergency situations. We also carry products to add an element of fun to outdoor living!

Water has been our main focus over the past few years, as we have worked to provide our customers with reliable water filters and water purification options to use for camping and outdoor activities, as well as for emergencies or natural disasters. To that end, we have partnered up with Sagan Industries and applaud their resolve to test and re-test their water filter systems until there is no doubt of their superior water filtering capabilities.  Check out the Sagan test results done by independent laboratories and ask if your current water filter manufacturer can provide the same amazing results. Research has unfortunately revealed that many water filter companies have claims which are not backed up by end of life testing, or in some cases any testing at all. When the time comes to be able to provide clean, pure drinking water for your kids, we want you to feel confident using the water purification products we have chosen here at Coldstream.

Our friends at Sagan manufacture several water filter options, from the AquaBrick™ to personal water bottles with the same great filter. We also commend them on the ingenuity of the Sagan "BlendWell™" Bottle which incorporates the patent pending blender disk and patented Bottle, for use with all of your drink supplements. We love this product! It's fantastic for blending protein shakes, etc., thoroughly - and in no time at all.

Coldstream is also a big advocate of the Kelly Kettle. This most innovative outdoor camping kettle is the only thing you’ll need to boil water - cook fast - and survive. The Kelly Kettle stands alone when it comes to quality, dependability and reliability. The Kelly Kettle company is another group we applaud for creating some very creative and useful accessories for use with the Kettle. We commend them for the new Hobo Stove, great cook sets and superior design. Kelly Kettle is about the best piece of gear you can own for conquering the great outdoors and again, essential for emergency preparedness. Best of all we love that its eco-friendly using only natural fuel. No buying or carrying fuel. And no empty canisters to leave another carbon footprint behind.

Coldstream carries a great selection of other useful and fun products. Woof 'Em Sticks are the newest most innovative way to "beef up' the fun of a campfire, fire pit or BBQ. And we mean that literally. Wrap premade dough around the Woof 'Em stick cup, toast over your campfire, and come up with a warm and tasty golden brown tart. Fill with delicious sweet or savory options like pie filling, pudding, ice cream, chili, taco meat or scrambled eggs and bacon! Family fun for breakfast, dinner, dessert... delicious!

All of the products we carry at ColdStream Outdoor have been personally used and tested by our StreamTeam. Everything on our site gets a unanimous thumbs - up from the whole team or we set it aside and move on.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about any of our  products.

We appreciate your business!


StreamTeam Captain