Water in case of emergency - Drink your pool water

Drink Your Swimming Pool Water – Best Ever Emergency Water Source


You’ve heard the saying “right in your own backyard”. Well, in this case your best source of water in case of an emergency – might be right in your own backyard – your swimming pool!

Water in case of emergency – Drink your pool water

A new water filter is on the market now with remarkable talents and abilities. The AquaBrick™ Water Filter has been tested by independent laboratories for the removal of bacteria, virus, giardia, cryptosporidium, chlorine and copper. So, as fast as your kid can say “mom, I’m thirsty” you can be handing him a clean safe drink of water. Watch this 40 second video to see how you can save for family from disaster in a water shortage emergency.

How it Works

Water Filtration System removes virus from water

The AquaBrick Water Filtration System filters up to 45 gallons of water an hour.

The AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System is a super simple piece of equipment. Consisting of the AquaBrick™ Container (also ideal for food and water storage), it’s innovative design allows containers to be stacked and stored in a variety of configurations.

Fill the AquaBrick™ Container with water. Snap on the filter to the underside of the lid. Drop filter into the water and screw on the lid – tight enough to keep air from escaping. Then snap on the hand pump and the water flow spigot to the lid top.

– The hand pump is used to pump air into the container to pressurize it. This pressure forces water through the DuraFlo™ Filter making it pure, clean and tasty.

– Then press the spigot to dispense the water into a glass, water bottle or into another AquaBrick™ container. So easy a kid can do it, and it will produce about 45 gallons of fresh, clean water per hour.

The DuraFlo™ Water Filter is Key

Duraflo Filter is part of the AquaBrick Water Filter

This water drop shows how many gallons of of certain toxins are removed by each DuraFlo filter.

The abilities of the DuraFlo™ Water Filter, used in the system are impressive. It has the ability to remove bacteria, virus, protozoan, chlorine, copper and and slew of other contaminants you don’t want to be drinking. The DuraFlo™ Water Filter Replacement works with any candlestick style water filters, such as Katadyn®, Aqua Pur®, Doulton® and the Berkey® water filter. Considering the amount of toxins it removes it’s a superior choice filter to anything out there:

99.9999% of Bacteria

99.99% of Virus

99.99% Giardia/Cryptosporidium

Exceeds NSF requirements for removal of Chlorine and Copper from pool water


Water is THE Top Priority in Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

People can survive for several days without food, but water on the other hand is the key to our existence. You won’t survive for long without it. So add an AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System to your survival gear and alleviate your biggest problem.

Should there be an earthquake, fire, or extended power outage water will empty off the shelves before you ever make it to the store. And you can realistically only store so much water. The AquaBrick™ filters pool water and any other non-salt water source available. So if you have nearby lakes, streams, rivers or even flood water running down your street – it’s safe to drink once filtered!

Kudos to Sagan Industries for taking the time to test and re-test their water filters – so you can be sure they do what they say they do. All Sagan water filter products have been tested to their “End of Life” – which simply means until they cease to work. Kind of important to to know!



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