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Do You Really Need Water Storage???

#waterstorage #waterfilters

Is water storage overrated? Find out what your best options are.

Don’t be mislead about water storage. You may not need it.

There… I said it!

I believe water storage is totally overrated. I really do, and you may be spending a lot of time, effort and money preparing something you’ll never, ever use.
Now, I’m not saying WATER isn’t important. In fact, WATER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you’ll need in an emergency! You WILL need water!
But if you think about it, do you see how water storage is pretty worthless in so many situations???

Sheltering in Place

Now, if you’re sheltering in place – thumbs up!

Water storage is AWESOME!

But check out the number of disasters happening in the US where people are asked to evacuate?
It’s becoming a common occurrence! So many floods and hurricanes, etc. are forcing families from their homes.
Make sure you are getting the right information and doing the right things to create your emergency preparedness plan. Pretty important stuff!

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