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New Sagan XStream™ Water Filter Straw vs LifeStraw®


Let’s talk about straw water filters. The kind of straw water filter you take extreme camping, hiking, biking, serious back packing or for use in case of emergency. Let’s talk about the new Sagan™ XStream™ Straw Water Filter – a better way to drink safe water right from a stream, swimming pool or any non salt water source. Sagan Industries has once again nailed it with their intuitive design and amazing water filtration effectiveness.

Straw Water Filter

Sagan Industries new XStream Straw Filter

XStream™ Water Filter Straw

The NEW XStream™ Straw Filter has been rigorously tested and certified by independent water laboratories to remove bacteria, virus, giardia and cryptosporidium for up to 300 gallons. Yep, we said virus – amazing results and so easy to use. It’s been tested to it’s “End of Life”. The XStream™ Straw Filter comes in a 2 foot length with a 2 foot extension, total 4ft (48″) long, so you don’t need to be on your belly anymore to drink safe water from any non salt water source.

The XStream™ is super light, easy to carry, pack and actually kinda fun to use. My three year old grandson used it last week, as did my daughter in law and son. They all agreed it was a pretty cool device!

Are there other options out there? There are and we’ve noted some big reasons we find the XStream™ to be the superior water filter.

LifeStraw® has been around for awhile. The original LifeStraw® only removes bacteria and crytosporidium. That’s it. And what you see is what you’re going to taste… and smell. It will not improve the taste or smell of the muddy stream water you’re about to slurp up while laying in the mud on your belly with your face 6″ from the water. Sorry, but the $20 bucks you’ll spend may be better spent elsewhere.

LifeStraw® has come up with a newer version called the LifeStraw® Steel. About 3x the cost and this version is definitely an improvement. However, while it does remove bacteria, giardia and cryptosporidium, it does not remove virus and your face will still be 6″ from the water.

The fact that XStream™ removes virus is huge! We are impressed!

Hollow Fiber Filtration

LifeStraw® is made of hollow fiber. Hollow fiber filtration utilizes numerous long porous filaments packed inside a body. Each filament is very narrow in diameter and very flexible. Hollow fiber can find uses in all types of filtration, ranging from microfiltration to reverse osmosis.

There are definite disadvantages with hollow fiber filters. Irreversible fouling and easy breakage are the main problems concerning hollow fiber filtration. Because of the flexibility of the fibers, they are more likely to break when under high strain compared to other methods of filtration.

Straw Water Filter

Easily drink safe, great tasting water right out of a stream.

XStream-ly Effective Water Filtration

Safe water is the key to life – there is really nothing more important.

If you’re an outdoor adventurer or a conscientious prepper, start with safe water.

Once you have a bullet proof water filter you can survive. Then build your survival or camping gear arsenal from there.

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