Puravai Emergency Drinking Water - 6 pack

Emergency Water storage packaged in reusable, bacteria free bottles. Pack of 6 -1 liter bottles. 20 year shelf life. Bottle is reusable.

  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Emergency Drinking Water is filtered, purified and then triple sealed using the highest standards, to ensure your water stays 100% BACTERIA FREE and ready to drink.

  • CERTIFIED 100% BACTERIA FREE. Puravai is the only Certified 100% Bacteria Free emergency drinking water in the preparedness market. Puravai is manufactured and water sourced in the USA!

  • UP TO 20-YEAR SHELF LIFE. Packaged in 6 packs of HDPE #2 and BPA Free, our 1-liter bottles are completely recycleable.

  • EXTREMELY DURABLE. High Density Puravai Bottles, are extremely durable - built for the unpredictability of emergency situations you can drop, scrape, or bump them and your water stays protected. Bottles are waterproof and will float.

  • MADE OF U.S. MILITARY CANTEEN MATERIAL. Made of the same material as U.S. military canteens, Puravai bottles and have a lid which can be twisted on and off. Contains enough water to sustain someone for 24 hours – unlike pouches, cans or boxes.

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The POWER of Bacteria FREE!

PURAVAI is the purest prepackaged storage water in the emergency preparedness market. When it comes to emergency storage water, even one little bacterium in the water can multiply over time and become billions of bacteria. It’s called CFUs (or Colony Forming Units of Bacteria). Tested independently by one of the top labs in the world, our biggest competitor measured in at 3,330 CFUs per mL, yet when PURAVAI was tested by the same lab, the result: ZERO CFUs. That’s a HUGE deal because what that means is your PURAVAI water is able to remain safe to drink, even decades later!!

The Toughest Water in the Storage Market!

Built to Last for Decades!

No other packaged emergency storage can compare to Puravai. Aluminum cans leak over time, steel cans rust, pouched water punctures, boxed water crushes, but our thick HDPE bottles are built to last for decades.  Here are a few highlights:

  • No Seams: We use induction coils to melt a plastic seal on top of the bottle so there are absolutely no seams, and no seams means water can’t get out and bacteria can’t get in until you open the bottle, even decades later.
  • Triple Sealed: Our bottles have 3 levels of protection, an induction seal, a click tight lid, and a shrink wrapping over the lid to make sure your water hasn’t been tampered with.  We work to adhere to government and military standards as much as possible.
  • High Density Bottles: Our bottles are super thick!! They’re built for the unpredictability of emergency situations.  You can drop, scrape, or bump them, and your water stays protected.
  • Floats: Even filled to the brim, our bottles are made to float in any water.  You never have to worry about floods or dropping your water off the side of a boat.
  • No Rotting: Because we use high density HDPE bottles, you don’t have to worry about mildew and mold forming and ruining your water supply.
  • Waterproof: Because our bottle don’t rust, your water is protected against something as simple as broken pipes or even humidity in the air.
  • Reusable: Puravai is made of the same material as U.S. military canteens and we added a lid that can be screwed on and off.  So, you can drink portions of your water and close up the bottle throughout the day as well as refill your bottle again and again if needed.
  • 100% Recyclable:  Our HDPE #2 bottles are able to be recycled completly  So, instead of overwhelming landfills, our bottles get repurposed continuously.

Customer Reviews (3)
Pleased with Puravai
I am VERY pleased with Puravai as my emergency water. With disasters continually occurring around us, I am keeping a good supply of this on hand. Nice, sturdy packaging. I l like that it's 100% bacteria free water! Thanks puravai Review by Marie D. (Posted on 12/11/2017)
Excellent product!
Puravai is an excellent product. They have done everything right. I have several cases in my personal emergency storage. Totally recommend! Review by J. Hansen (Posted on 12/11/2017)
I give Puravai a 10 !!!
I think it's the best emergency storage water out there Review by Reality Survival (Posted on 10/3/2017)
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